​Whether it’s me or you 

I’ve just realized things

That the clock’s still ticking 

And life’s keep on moving 

That mistake have been made 

But still you can fixed it

That attitude is the priority 

While beauty is just a bounty

That dead isn’t the finale

Sadly, it won’t give you a clue 

That disability isn’t your weakness 

However, it’s the best strength of yours 



Aku bertemu dengannya dalam gelap

Sambil mengenang kisah kelam 

Menceritakan derita setiap orang 

Aku bermimpi tentangnya dalam hujan 

Sambil mendengarkan deru angin

Menangisi sakitnya hati ini 

Aku berpisah darinya saat langit masih terang

Sambil menatap cerahnya matahari 

Tersenyum mengingat masa lalu 

– Fatsav 

A Stranger 

He is  a stranger 

But seems like I’ve known him forever 

He is a stranger 

But seems like he cares the most about me 

He is a stranger 

The one you’ve never seen before 

He is a stranger 

But he wasted his time with me 

He is a stranger 

But he is listening to my unnecessary complaints 

He is a stranger 

But he did anything for me 

He is a stranger 

But he said that he falls for me 



It’s been so long since the last time I met you 

And now I still wonder how to forget you 

It’s been so long since the last time we talked 

And still I wonder how much I love you 

It’s been so long since the last time we said our goodbye

And still I wonder why my tears don’t want to stop

It’s been so long since the last time we’re together 

And still I wonder if we could turn back the time again 



People called me a bitter 

While I just tell them the truth 

People forenamed me as a broken home kid

When I still have a whole family around 

People said that I’m pretty 

When I’m just being myself 

People described me as a nerd

When I was in love with books 

People thought that I love parties

While wasting time by myself is the best for me 

People claimed me as a bitch 

When I know nothing about boys

People mentioned me for bad things happened 

When I just sitting alone on my own 

People assumed me as a troublemaker 

When I have nothing to do with them



​You said that you love the sun
But you hide yourself from the sunlight
You said that you love the rain
But you open the umbrella every time the rain start to pour
You said that you love the snow
But you stay in your house every time the snows are here
You said that you’re in love with kids
But you shout at them whenever they make noises around you
You said that you love the lights 
But you use your glasses when the light is on you
And when you said that you love me
I’m afraid
Can I trust you?
Or I should take the risk to broke my heart into pieces


A Reason 

​Each person is unique and irreplaceable..

Everyone’s got his own features and skills..

In everyone’s chest beats a different heart..

We’re all alike but still deeply different..

If you think it’s over, it’s anything but unfair..

It’s the reason for which it’s worth..

To exist and be friends..

Because of this, everyone of us has something special..