God is A Director 

Dear God,
In Your majesty, You create differences
in my arrogance, I question Your wisdom
In Your mystery, You create temptation
in my inferiority, You make me more than I am
so, here I am

​Author’s note: This story wasn’t based on people experience. It’s just happened in author’s imagination. If there’s something same that’s just an accidents. Hope you enjoy this because sometimes maybe you are alone and thinking about your life and this words will come to your mind: how great my God is!
We met in college. You sat behind me made me choose another table because I wasn’t feel comfort with the boys near me. We never talked before. You are a good Catholic and I’m a muslim. Not really good maybe, but already being a muslim since I was born.
Time changed us. Few months later we became friends. You told me your secret and so I did. Everybody was in confused. How can you be a Catholic’s friend? Or how can you be a muslim’s friend? And how can you both be friends? Its all the questions we used to heard almost everyday but we didn’t even care.
You told me that you like to see muslim girls with their hijab. You said it’s calmed you. And I told you that I like those christmas songs because of the beats makes me happy.
When we became more closed, you told me that you’ve ever be in a relationship with a muslim girl once. It made your parents angry. Your dad told you that it wasted your blessing. So, you two was broke up.
I asked you why God made many differences if God only want to be obeisanced by one way. You told me that’s why God created love. So, people could be in united but the right way was the only one.
We talked about many things. Not just religions.
Its already Ramadan. Muslims going to fasting. You helped me to shops. You helped me to prepared everything. You waited me when i went to mosque for tarawih prays until 30 days were gone. Its already Ied. Muslims celebrated it together. All was in peace.
December 24th came. You were going to celebrated christmas. I helped you to decorated the christmas tree. You told me that I’m going to hell for what I’ve done.I just laughed and asked you why. You explained me that you read a bulletin in college this morning. It said that mulims wasn’t allowed to celebrate christmas nor telling congrangts for chatolics or chritians. I just laughed and agreed with the bulletin. I teased you that you are going to be in hell. You laughed. You told me that this wasn’t a christmas anymore. You said that you’ll protected me in front of my God. I laughed and asked you what about your God version. You be in silence for a while before you spoke up with your hoarse voice you told me this,”If I was God, I won’t let you go to hell. I’ll make sure that you’d go to heaven.” we be in silence.
You went to church. You helped for christmas night. I stayed in my place tried to deleted my boredom. I watched television and watched a news. Some churchs already in bombed. I was in shocked. Some people were in seriously injured and some were dead. You came back from church and was in totally shocked after watched it. We be in confused. We didn’t know what to do nor how to face our world. We be in separated.
Two months later..
You came back again. You made me happy again with your presence. You said that you’ve missed me all along and so I did. So, we went outside to got fresh air. You opened the car door for me before you came in. You did me like a princess and I was so happy.
I asked you where have you been. You wasn’t answered. You just smiled. You told me that you loved me. I was so surprised and said that I need more time to answered it. You laughed. You said that it was just a joke, “April Mop!” that’s what you said. I broke in pieces. How dare you played with my heart! I told you the truth that I loved you and asked you to stopped the car. You stopped it. I ran away and you shouted my name. But I didn’t care untill I heard a hard voice from you. Your car already crashed by another car. You dead in that place.
You are going to be burried tomorrow. Your mother came to me with a book in her hand. “This is my son dairy maybe you need this more than us,” that’s what she said. She handed me the book and I thanked her. I read it. Almost every piece of the book there’s written my name. I was drawning in tears. You wrote every second of our time there. You told your dairy everything. You also told it how hurt you were when we couldn’t be together apart.
In last page you wrote that how much you loved me and always be. You also wrote a note for me.
Dear Davina,
If you read this note maybe there’s something bad happened to me or I’m ready to tell you the truth. You know? I have another secret that I kept from you since the first time we met. I love you at the first sight. That’s why I sat behind you but then you moved. Silly right?
You know? I enjoyed every second of the day be with you. We did many silly things and we did some serious things. I love you with all of my heart. Maybe we had many differences, but whatever. Remember what i’ve said when you asked me why God created differences? Well, I guess I was answered you truly. My dad always told me that anyproblem in this world always can be solved except dead and I guess he’s right.
If you read this and I’m still in your side, I hope you have the same feeling for me. I wish you love me too then maybe we could find something to fix our problem. But if I already gone, I hope you won’t forget me nor feeling so sad about this for your entired life. I wish you’d smile everytime you remember me and open up your heart to let a good muslim boy to come in and love him. Remember, God is an director and we are the artist.