Does the Consumer is the King? 

There’s a phrase that “consumers are the king”. It’s happening because the marketers believe that if the consumer is satisfied, then they will spread the words and do the repurchase. Companies make profits from the purchase of their products. They are also trying to produce products based on what’s their customer’s taste. 

However, I guess it’s not what happened in Indonesia. Once,  I bought 20 pieces of cake from a famous bakery in the city. I came and asked politely with a smile if they have the cake that  I want to buy. But she was ignoring me and said that I should looking for the cake all by myself! I was like,”Okay, maybe she’s tired because she’s just a human.” So, I started to search for the cakes. 

Sadly, they run out of the cakes. So, I’m going to buy another cakes. There’s no price tag on the window. So, I started to look for help from the waiters. You know what? All of the waiter went to the area where you can find “Employees only!!!”  written over the door! 

I was still in a positive mode and thought that maybe they are busy moving the cakes from the kitchen to the store. I waited for more than 10 minutes and I started to knock the window. I kept telling, “excuse me!” and for the 20th time one of the waiter came. 

She’s the one who was telling me to look for the cake all by myself. I still asked politely for the price of the cake and she answered arrogantly how much the price is! I was still trying to be patient but when I asked her to packed 20 pieces of the cake for me she said that they don’t have it! God, the cakes is in front of her face! It’s not reserved and she didn’t want to sell it to me? 

Do you know what the worse is? Once I want to payed the bill, she didn’t give the package to me! She called out her co-worker, asked her to give me the package, and she left without a second glance at me! Now, I don’t think that Indonesian bakeries do their consumers politely. She was just wasting my time!