Where’s My Change? 

Shopping is the daily basis for people around the world. It’s based on your needs and pleasure. But have you ever been go to a shop (especially supermarket), buy something, paid it, then you’ve just realized that you didn’t received a full change? If the answer is yes, then we’re having the same experience. So, here’s some tips for you:

  • Make sure that you read the receipt 

          Supermarket is using cashier application for their cashiers. The primary reason is to record all of their transactions and stocks. But for you, as a customer, you can use it to know how much you have to pay, how much the things costs for each goods, and how much the money you should’ve received as your change. 

  • Make a plan for your spending

          If you have a plan before you go to shop then your brain will calculate how much the things cost you and you’ll know how much the change is. 

  • Calculate the change before you leave the cashier section! 

          Alot of people thinks that the cashier will give you the exact change like what’s written on the receipt. But FYI, not everyone is an angel. Not every single person is honest. So, that’d be better if you are calculating the change before you are leaving the cashier. 

Well, I think that’s what I can tell you for now. Just remember that not everyone is a Santa. So, you have to be really good to face the situation!


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