Sophie Scholl (A Film Review) 

​It’s the last words from Sophie Scholl to Hans Scholl before she was taken to be executed. The brothers are originally from German. They both are students in Munich. The reason behind the execution is a movement anti-Nazi called white rose. They made it because of their believe that when someone is wrong instead of the race you just need to punish the individual. And when peace in this world is happening, the happiness will come afterwards. During the period of interrogations and trials, they will always emphasize on proprietary idealism. They are also always trying to protect their friends who are involved in the action. The story about the two siblings are lifted into a film titled Sophie Scholl (The Last Days). The most hurting part of the movie is when they said their farewell to their parents and their father can only say that he was proud of them. Well, the German language is clear (helps a lot if you want to learn  the language), the characters look similar to the original too. But if you are a paranoid person then don’t watch it until the execution because they showed us how they did the execution, the execution tools, and those voice. Overall, it’s a good movie to end the weekend.


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